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You seen’t it, your eyes aren’t deceiving you… Jill Scott’s debut in Episode 3 punched you square in the kisser didn’t it? Unfortunately this villain is obviously NOT my honey bun. Lady Eve is more like gas station sushi, in August, during a power outage, and the place is full of flies.

Yep. That nasty!

I Digress.


Tobias also shows his teeth in episode 4 as he unveils the backstory of why he believed Black Lightning was dead. If you tuned in this week to see what other cool super powers BL has, sorry friend, this weeks is all about the bad guys.

…and one BADASS BOSS BIH! (That OPENING scene tho!)

Spoiler Alert! I lied about seeing new Black Lightning super powers… …Gambi is a G with the gadgetry.

It’s rumored he designed a Top Secret trench coat for an undercover Inspector.

Peter Gambi, played by Dexter’s daddy, definately added some unexpected spice to week 4.

You know who else kicked it up a notch?!


Ma ain’t playing no games in these streets. On no level. At no time.

INSERT: (Kevin Hart Clap)

You can be on the corner or at the dinner table, she’s giving folks THAT WORK, unapologetically.

I love it!

You know what else happened?


(Buzz words… Key to writing.)

That’s right stoners, some of that green hits the streets of Freeland,

but it’s definitely not Bob Marley approved.

Drama seekers and good vibes preachers will feel the butterflies of positivity flutter as Jeff proves he cares for his students well being.

Black Lightning episode 4 is going to bore wet finger in the socket action addicts and intrigue intellectuals, all while tugging on heartstrings and controversy.

Why you say?

Great question.

The answer is as simple a choosing between a dog who can do back flips versus a pooch who can speak.

This isn’t just a regular TV show, Black Lightning is a reflection of currency from the perspective of Black Americans.

Episode 4 lays out in vivid detail just what BL is up against, and every evil element has a plausible connection to this current reality, all dramatized by the very people who live it. I felt like I was watching the news at some points of the show, the dialogue skillfully teeters the line of entertaining and informative. I promise that if you are unable to make the societal connection now, wait until episode 8 and Anissa will slap some truth on you! (I got sources, bruh)

It’s raining, snowing, people have the cooties, and your ex isn’t coming over. Go to the network’s app or website and watch episode 4 right now.

Another one of these snacks for Episodes 5 & 6 will be available for your viewing pleasure soon enough my little wokeAholics.


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